Bed in Palermo Locanda Re Ruggero Monreale

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The Locanda Re Ruggero in Monreale is a guesthouse which is as welcoming as a
b&b Monreale for bed in Palermo but with fixtures worthy of a hotel.

The b&b (as we prefer to call it) is beside Cathedral of Monreale, which was built after the Cappella Palatina in Palermo and the Cefalů cathedral, representing one of the highest points of Norman architecture, both in Sicily and on the mainland.

With his Royal Citadel, William II, wanted to complete the dynastic plan of the Hauteville family, that had been started in Palermo and Cefalů by his grandfather Roger II by building the Cathedral of Monreale.

From the balcony of the room you have a splendid view of
Palermo’s Conca d’Oro plain and you can see all of Monreale.

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